Monday, October 20, 2008

Trick or Doggie Treat...

Well, we thought of some unique ways to torture the bears (Oscar and Nacho) this weekend.

Halloween costumes!

Here's our adorable pumpkin (Nacho):

And our bumble bee (Oscar):

Look how much they LOVE it!

Normally, we are not "those people" who dress our dogs up. However, there was a great dog festival in the park, and we couldn't resist!

Mom, Rich, and the kids came up for a visit this weekend, so we thought it would be a great way to enjoy the cool Autumn day.

Here's Rich and Nacho:

And mom with the little guy:

Oscar, who was actually calm for a moment between snapping at the big dogs who dared look at him:

We entered them in a costume contest, which was fun. Unfortunately, there were 85 entries, and some of them were really original, so we didn't win.

Here I am parading the bears in front of the judges (anyone else thinking of Best in Show?):

And last, but not least, we brought our family friend, Sue's, daughter, Delany (sorry about the spelling!), with us to enjoy the show: (you can really see Nacho's one blue eye well in this picture!)

It was a beautiful, adorable day!


330 excavator said...

not bad.

bulldozer said...


Christine Lynn said...

We have so lowered the bar in our family with dressing our Pug up as well! I never thought in a million years I'd partake in a Pugoween party...but I did!

330 excavator said...

very cool.

komatsu loader said...


Anna said...

aren't they cute!!