Saturday, December 15, 2007


Appalachian State University, my alma mater, has broken just about every record Division II football has. Runningback Kevin Richardson is the leading rusher of all time in the division. Defensive player Corey Lynch has been an all-American player three years in a row. Quarterback Armanti Edwards shattered every rushing record for quarterbacks, and for runningbacks.

And we all remember the Michigan game: the biggest upset in collge football history. It was the first time ever a Division II beat a ranked Division I team. EVER!

Tonight, we broke another record. Appalachian won its third straight national championship! As the Watauga Democrat reported, we are officially a dynasty!

It was one of the best games I have ever seen! ASU's defense really came to play, and the offense didn't let them down. The best play, by far, was when Delaware charged down the field, was stopped on the 1-yard line, and Appalachian held them off of the touchdown through two downs! Incredible!!

The final score was 49-21. The fans rushed the field with three minutes still to go in the game. ESPN2 commentators frowned upon that, and I wish they hadn't done it so early, but you know how it is: when one person jumps the wall, everyone else follows.

It's great to be a Mountaineer...!!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Deep freeze...

The temperature has plunged here in Anniston, and we are experiencing our first frost tonight!

Here's the overnight forecast:

And the current temperature:

Here are some shots of Jeremy's car at about 11 p.m.:


Birmingham Birthday...

Jeremy and I celebrated his birthday Saturday in the fabulous city of of Birmingham.

We began the day at the Birmingham Museum of Art at the Pompeii exhibit.
It was an amazing exhibit filled with genuine artifacts from the catastrophic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D. The exhibit contained frescos from the walls of Pompeii's mansions, jewelry in mint condition, and casts of victims' bodies, frozen in moments of terror.

OK, it wasn't the sexiest birthday outing, but it was riveting.

After that, we stuck with an Italian theme and had lunch at the wonderful Tuscan-themed restaurant Brio.

I had a delicious Caesar salad and fresh-made spinach and egg pasta with a light cheesy sauce. Then we had a trio of amazing mousse desserts. Incredible!

The restaurant is a chain, but I had never been there. There are locations throughout Florida, and there is one in Charlotte and one coming to Raleigh soon. I highly recommend it!

We wound up the day at the Robert R. Meyer Plantarium where they presented a show on the night sky during the time of Jesus' birth.

We enjoyed the Christmas theme, and the information really was fascinating. They showed how and why historians can't pin down the exact date of Jesus' birth, but, based on accounts of the night sky, they have it nailed down to between 6 & 7 B.C. Amazing!

Jeremy and I were one of maybe three adult couples without small children in the planetarium. So, it was only natural that I won the door prize -- a children's space game. Of course, since all eyes were on me, I turned around and handed it to the two small children seated directly behind me. That turned out to be a big mistake, because they wouldn't stop talking loudly about it for the rest of the show! Oh well!

After that, it was home to Anniston for Boston Cream Cake with our fellow students and a relaxing evening playing Mario Party II at home!

Happy birthday, honey!!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dachshund Frisbee Show #2

Witness THE CATCH!!! Check out Dachshund Frisbee Show Part II!!