Monday, October 20, 2008

Jeremy's readables

You lead a busy life. You're forgiven for not keeping up with my stories. 

Here's what you've been missing over lo these past few months:

I wrote a lot of stories about breast cancer. Turns out, October is breast cancer awareness month. (Psst, that's what's up with all those pink ribbons.) I profiled some men who have had breast cancer, checked in with imaging centers to find out how long it takes to get an appointment for a routine mammogram, and wrote about the disparity between the number of women who could avoid mastectomies but get them anyway.

When I wasn't writing about breasts, I was looking at the low but potentially more serious incidence of melanoma among African Americans.

I drove to Orlando to hear some political heavy-hitters smack health insurance around for a while. Oh, and I got to meet Tommy Thompson.

A doctor rehabbed his love for medicine by volunteering, and the story turned out to be much more interesting than that description sounds. 

Off the health topic, I read a book about the civil rights movement in St. Augustine (with a cameo by MLK himself) and reviewed it. 

As you can tell, my head's getting kind of full. I'd better start deleting some old files. I can start with this one way in the back with all that old calculus junk in it. Won't be needing that. Oops, I got the "how to type" file instead. That could be a probffffff feino annei ioa eyt42 asn FDDDDDDDDDDDD

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